Winter Chic Kimono - Green Fur

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Size: One Size

  • One Size

Color: Green Fur

  • Green Fur

Material: Fur

  • Fur
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Embrace the winter season with our exquisite collection of plain tops and kimonos, designed to elevate your wardrobe with timeless elegance. Made for the modern Egyptian woman who appreciates luxury and vintage charm, each piece is carefully crafted to enhance your style. Whether you're shopping for a casual day out or a special occasion, our collection offers versatility and sophistication, ensuring you look effortlessly chic all winter long. Discover the perfect blend of comfort and fashion with our winter 2024 collection.

Classic feather kimono The ideal balance of comfort and style makes this product ideal for everyday use.

Model Details: 

    • length: 84 cm
    • Width: 58 cm
    • Type: long sleeves
    • Fabrics: FUR
    • color: Green Fur
    • Top Style : Kaftans & Kimono
    • This product is a one-size

    One Size


    Green Fur



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    Winter Chic Kimono - Green Fur

    LE 1,100.00 LE 949.00